Macaw allows you to toggle how elements are displayed both in the editor and on publish. This setting allows you to hide elements in Macaw to aid with designing your pages and set elements to display none on publish. The latter helps to create hidden menus, etc.

Display can be set by using the display toggle buttons in the inspector or via the element's layer in the outline. There are three states of visibility for all elements. These states are:

Display States

Visible The element is visible in both Macaw and in the published files.

Invisible The element is hidden in Macaw but is still displayed on publish.

None The element is invisible in both Macaw and in the published files.

NOTE: While the element’s display state is set to none it will not be selectable.


The display toggle tools in the inspector are located to the right of the element name, id and variable fields. The item highlighted in blue indicates the element's current display state. Clicking on any of the display buttons will update the selected elements display setting.


The display toggle in the outline is located on the left side of the element's layer and is indicated by an "eye" icon or a dot icon if set to display none. Clicking on the "eye" icon will toggle the element's display between "visible" and "invisible". ⌘+Click Ctrl+Click will toggle it's display between "visible" and "none".