The library contains all assets and components in your Macaw project. It can be displayed by clicking theLibrary button in the top right section of the application.

The library interface has a preview area that will display the current selected item, an import button for importing images (See "Images" section up above), a search bar for quickly finding items in your project and the item list. The item list is separated into two groups. "Components" and "Project". The "Components" folder contains all components created within the project. The "Project" folder contains all the images that have been imported into your project.

Previewing Items in Library

To Preview any item in the library click on the item to select it. On selection the preview window at the top of the library will display what the item looks like. This works for both components and images.

Placing Library Items on the Canvas

Any item in your project's library can be added in the canvas by dragging the item from the library list, moving it onto the canvas where you want it and releasing your mouse button. On drag a preview box will be displayed showing you the dimensions of the item you are placing. The newly placed item will be added on the canvas and placed inside any container that currently has focus. See "Diving into Containers" for more info.

Deleting Items

Library items can be removed at any time by clicking on the Trashcan icon for any item. On click you will be prompted to confirm that you would like to delete the selected item. IMPORTANT: This action cannot be undone. Tread carefully.