Macaw provides a list of browser-safe fonts and a curated list of Google Web Fonts. However, you can add Typekit fonts and even enable System Fonts.

Each available font in the font family drop-down is labeled with a different icon displaying what font type. Font types depicted in the image below are: Typekit, Google Fonts, System, and Universal.

Typekit Fonts

Macaw allows you to add Typekit fonts to your project. Currently only one Typekit kit can be added to a project at a time.

Adding Typekit Fonts

Typekit fonts can be added by doing the following:

1. Create a Typekit kit containing the fonts you wish to use. This is done on the Typekit website.

2. Within your kit settings on Typekit add "localhost" to the allowed domains for your kit.

3. In Macaw open the font family drop-down. A text element will need to be selected to make it visible.

4. Click the "Add Fonts..." button in the top left of the drop-down.

5. In the new dialog enter you Typekit kit ID.

6. Macaw will give you a green mark if the fonts were imported correctly or a red "X" if it failed.

7. On success your Typekit fonts will be listed in the font list

IMPORTANT: Sometimes it can take Typekit some time to sync up and add "localhost" to your kit. In the event Macaw keeps saying your kit could not be imported, wait a few minutes and try again.

Publishing Typekit Fonts

On publish Macaw will analyze your project and in the event it finds that Typekit fonts are used it will be sure to add the necessary Typekit scripts to your files.

System Fonts

Macaw allows you to use any system fonts you might have in your design. By default these fonts are hidden in the font family drop-down. To enable them click the "Show System Fonts" button in the upper right corner of the font drop-down.

NOTE: System fonts will only work when editing and viewing your design locally. They will not work when uploaded to a server unless the necessary steps are taken.