Macaw allows you to create an entire website inside the application. You can add as many pages as you need to your project. It also allows you to duplicate existing pages for easy page generation.

Page Menu

The "Page Menu" is where you can manage your pages as well as open up existing pages for editing. It is located in the upper left corner of the application. The menu contains a list of all pages currently in your project. When you mouse over each page additional buttons appear for duplicating the page and deleting the page.

Navigating to Pages

Navigating to or opening a page can be done by opening the page menu and clicking on the page. This will open a new tab in Macaw for the page (if one is not already open for the selected page).

Adding Pages

To add a page, open the page menu and click the new page button. You can also create a new page by going to File > New Page or you can use the keyboard shortcut ⌘+N Ctrl+N. The app will ask you to provide a name for the new page. As long as the new page's name does not conflict with an existing page in your project, Macaw will create the new page.

Setting Page Properties

You can set a page's title using the "Page Title" palette which is visible when no elements are selected. This title will be inserted into the HTML on publish. If no page title is entered in this palette, the page name will be used when publishing.

Renaming Pages

You can rename any page by opening the "Page Menu" and double clicking on the page's name you wish to rename. This will allow you to type a new name. Once you have finished typing you can click anywhere outside the name or hit the Return key to commit the change.

Duplicating Pages

Any page in your project can be duplicated by opening the "Page Menu" and clicking the duplicate (icon) that is visible when you mouse over the page in the page list. This will create an exact copy of the original page and all its data. The name of the duplicated page will be the name of the original page with "copy" appended to the end.

Deleting Pages

You can delete a page from your project by opening the "Page Menu" and clicking the trashcan (icon) that is visible when you mouse over the page in the page list. When deleting a page Macaw will prompt you to confirm that you want to delete the selected page. IMPORTANT: This action cannot be undone.


Macaw by default will publish each page with its own corresponding CSS file. You can also tell Macaw to consolidate styles across pages into a single CSS file by enabling the "Consolidate Page Styles" in the Publish Settings dialog.