Macaw support ending on December 31, 2018

Since Macaw was acquired by InVision, we’ve seen many additions and improvements to the InVision product suite. We discontinued development of Macaw shortly after the acquisition while still providing help to existing users. We’re still committed to achieving our goal of bridging the design-to-development gap by continuing work on Inspect, Studio, and Design System Manager (DSM). To that end, we have decided that it is in our customers’ best interests to cease support of Macaw so we can focus on development our current InVision features and those that are coming in the future.

Macaw support will be discontinued as of December 31, 2018, and the software will no longer be available to download. After that date, existing customers can continue to use Macaw, but InVision Support will not be able to assist users who are still using Macaw, nor will we release updates to the software.